CIVRO - Building façade system solution specialist

CIVRO is a global provider of high-quality building facade systems since 1993 with decades of product experience and technology precipitation, it provides excellent façade system solutions for the most demanding applications.

Leading Facade

CIVRO brand and its staffs are the cornerstones of the success and development. We take contributing responsibilities for our clients and society. From the very beginning, we make every endeavor to integrate design, R&D and technology together. Being closely connected with international designing masters and communities is our pride. CIVRO has built an unparalleled reputation for an impressive series of award-winning projects in the field of facade solutions.

Shape the future
of architecture
To become a recognised world’s leading provider of building facade systems and to create a better and imporved building solutions now and future.

Inspire your home
with our products

No matter windows or doors, we are capable to realise larger opening, bringing ultra-large view for you. Every product is developed specially for better thermal insulation, more flexible design combination and more attractive visual sense.

Our aluminium window and door systems are supreme, strong, safe and recycable with contemporary minimalist aesthetics.