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Maybe the "worst" decade onwards

Lets putting aside the shadow of the COVID-19

To retain the essence

How to re-create the new power?

Breaking through

On 27th April 2020

See [i CIVRO]

In 2020, economists say: the epidemic has had an unprecedented impact on the economy; sociologists say: the epidemic challenges the stability of the social production structure; and financial scientists say:  the epidemic has melted down the value of millions of dollars...

However, the epidemic cannot cover up the unprecedented harsh reality of market competition. We still have to face the "worst decade" in the post-epidemic era.


New genes, stronger core

In this era of rapid development, the burst of countless new things and new models can not help but sigh the wonder of thinking and the creation of technology, and it makes people feel more competitive pressure. In 2020, this "black swan" triggered a faster change, the law of Darwin's survival of the fittest is more vividly expressed. A step forward may not be a paradise, but if stop, you could be destroyed. In the face of the new era after the epidemic, how to use a distinctive brand gene to build stronger core competitiveness?



New inner, not copyable

In this era of pan-home furnishing, as the last piece of cake in the building materials industry, the window and door industry has received unprecedented high attention. The homogenization of products is endless. More brands are entering the market. Before and after all the ultimate market, how to break through the siege and establish solid brand barriers, to truly have the "unrepeatable" brand intrinsic?


New aesthetics, higher dimensions

In this era of overall awakening of the aesthetics, openness, personality and higher spiritual level of demand increasingly mainstream. Can the perfunctory experience meet the harsh requirements of the new generation of consumers? Should we seriously think about it when we fail to provide customers with better multi-dimensional experience, and are gradually surpassed by competitors or even eliminated by the market? 


The deep interpretation of the long-term thinking of the new retail industry line is the high pursuit of the "goods", "field" and "people" three modules of innovation and re-engineering of the customer's ultimate experience, which is [i CIVRO] scheme.