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CIVRO is a global provider of high-quality building facade systems since 1993 with decades of product experience and technology precipitation, it provides excellent façade system solutions for the most demanding applications.

CIVRO has R&D and Procurement Centre in Wurzburg, Germany, which adopts rigorous product design and tailered system consulation, offering reliable and design-free facade solutions including a product portfolio of window, door, curtain walling, sunshading and ventilation for worldwide clients.

CIVRO understands the needs of architects, developers, contractors, manufacturers and individual users and assist to create innovative, technologically advanced and highly flexible system solutions.

Leading Facade
Our purposeFor now and future, we are dedicated to creating a win-win opportunity with all our partners through our responsibility and accountability, realising architect’s aspirations, and offering superior products and services for our clients. CIVRO devotes to enhancing living space, adding value to habitation and building a better world with the aim of bringing people, space and the environment into harmony.
Our valuesResponsibility
and belief we trust
are our values
CIVROers establish smooth and lasting relations with every partner. We adhere to the idea of customer first, listen to our partner’s advices and offer optimal solutions for our customers via our attitude of positiveness, teamwork, concentration and integrity. We believe, our strivers are always CIVRO’s most valuable treasure.

Customer first: Customer-centred service responsibility
Teamwork: Full of passion for daily work
Being positive to victory: Result-oriented job responsibility
Innovation: Embrace changes and optimise products continuously
Integrity: Loyality and honesty are foudamental
Concentration: Being professional and keeping improving

We are CIVRO

Our Vision: To become a recognised world’s leading provider of building facade systems and to create a better and imporved building solutions now and future.