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Superb!CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall won the German Red Dot Award



This may be the first door and window Experience Hall in the door and window industry, which has won the German red dot design award. When the industry is showing the products themselves, CIVRO Wuhan Experience Hall introduces the "negative memories" of the senses with subversive scenes to show the positive experience that doors and windows brought to people.

The red dot award was founded by the German Design Association Design Zentrum NRW in 1955. It has a history of more than 60 years and it’s known as the "Oscar" in the design field. The Red Dot Award together with The IF Design Award of Germany, The Excellent Design Award of Japan and the Idea Award of The United States are called the Four Top Industrial Design Awards in the world. Those are the wind vane of global industrial design and its development trend.





The Red Dot Product Design Award accepts applications from manufacturers and designers from all over the world, and submits works in 51 participating categories for selection. The selection method faithfully follows the concept of "in search of good design and innovation". All entries are reviewed by the red dot jury.Only products with good design quality can be affirmed by the evaluation and awarded the red dot award.In 2020, more than 6,500 design products from 60 countries around the world will participate in the Red Dot Award competition.


The professional jury of the Red Dot Award recruited about 40 international experts. The judges come to the scene to test, discuss and review each entry product on the spot. The evaluation process lasts for several days. The jury makes independent evaluations on a case-by-case basis, and all members must abide by the "Code of Honor"- which clearly stipulates that the reviewers are not allowed to participate in the evaluation work of their own products.



▲Members of the Red Dot Award Product Design Jury


In a message to the Red Dot Award winners, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec , the founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, said: “Sincere congratulations to all the winners. The design of your product has withstood the strictest tests and satisfied the critical eyes of the jury. You not only represent the forefront of the current industrial design trend, but also will lead the future design trend. "

In June 2020, the Red Dot Award officially announced the winner of the Product Design Award. After many tests and withstanding all sorts of critical issues, the jury evaluated CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall as: "The design of the exhibition hall has successfully provided meaningful and experienced communication for solutions to negative scenes in a perceptual way."


The above pictures and texts are from the official website of the Red Dot Award

What's the chance
Connect Designers with CIVRO
How many encounters
Let the designer look forward to the scene
Can be reproduced with confidence
Let us walked into CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall again
To recall the experience of growing up
To experience deep emotions


Memories  ·  inspiration

There are always some lingering "negative" memories in everyone's past. For these negative memories, some people forget them, some never forget them, and some others, re-giving them a reflection of reality, activates people's innermost feelings.

Noise, cold wind, heavy rain, these unpleasant situations, together with the old doors and windows, interspersed in the process of our growth,reminiscent of our lost years. How many times have we dreamed that if the doors and windows at home could be tighter, would we be more calm in dealing with wind, rain and noise?


These unforgettable memories are finally reappear in the CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall. CIVRO subverts the performance of traditional doors and windows, displays, feels, discusses, and proposes solutions in the scene.

Experience · scene reappearance

In the CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall, the main body of design is "wind" and "ventilation" doors and windows. The specially constructed visual scene calls people's memory back to space.

The invisible wind is a flowing body. The creativity of fantastic ideas, in a solidified manner, naturally "blows" people towards the entrance of the exhibition hall.



The wind, solidified, formed the shell of space. Curling and stretching, filled with random gaps, air, light and shadow, and sight flow in and out, unpredictable. This shell, with doors and windows as the carrier,will be able to withstand the wind and rain.


Therefore, pull the door, enter the room, calming the wind, and returning to tranquility.





The door and window frame components composed of glass and metal lines are transformed into exquisite "rain explosion" models, and product construction methods and performance experience areas have emerged. They swing slightly, echoing the wind. These seemingly light units can be swaying with the wind, but they can form doors and windows to withstand strong storms and rain, making it a reality to appreciate "wind and rain".



At the same time the wind brings sound. Based on the determination of CIVRO's strong sound insulation performance, the "negative scene" is called back. The specially designed "Natural Wind Tunnel" installation allows the negative natural scenes to be revealed again. Wind howling, raindrops falling and fallen leaves debris constitute the "unpleasant" immersion experience. But as long as you close the doors and windows and look back, these "negatives" become various natural aesthetics.




The three scenes, "Wind Up", "Bamboo Shadow" and "Knowing Autumn", are embedded in the pavilion, integrating people, products, and space into the overall lifestyle and trajectory. Beauty, like the mellow aroma of fine wine, flows freely.


Beautiful embodiment of Windows and Doors

Perhaps the more common in life, the easier it is to be ignored. Doors and windows, at a certain time, it is not as usual, we realized that it is the existence of temperature. It also has stories and emotions, it witnesses the joys and sorrows of life, it remembers the passage of time, and it records every moment of life.

The CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall has eliminated the negative impact on unpleasant emotional scenes through the excellent performance and perfect solutions of CIVRO doors and windows. and also shows the importance of door and window performance and design for quality life. As affirmed by the Red Dot Design Award jury, the CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall“shows that the negative impact of the manufacturer's (CIVRO) products can be controlled”.


The wind blowing, the clouds feel the stretch, the fallen leaves in the autumn, feel the passing of time. CIVRO pays attention to the emotional needs of users. CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall, a breakthrough experience space, creates an immersive situational experience, connects people's emotions and reality, and shapes a new user relationship. CIVRO, together with users, feels the experience of a better life.


The unity of technology and art, the resonance of emotion and experience. CIVRO's "one store, one design" concept will present more exhibition halls of emotional experience in the future. The first victory of the CIVRO Wuhan Exhibition Hall winning the German Red Dot Award, which is the affirmation of the design concept of the CIVRO Exhibition Hall by the top international design circles, and it is a milestone in the development of CIVRO's global terminal image.





CIVRO is not only a solution provider of building facade system, but also a designer of better life. Design for a better life, begin living.



Project location /  Wuhan CHINA

Project area / 130㎡

Main materials / metal, wood, stone

Designer / Liu Fei, Lu Ming

Photographer / Wu Hui