Civro View

Not many people know that 90% of our time is spent inside building. Apart from light and temperature, our feeling of comfort is also influenced by excellent ventilation. For the purpose of remaining the aesthetic visual sense of windows and doors, CIVRO developed a novel, creative ventilation system. This system is completely integrated in the building with consistent facade visual effect and highly secured, making it nice and safe.


Air quality

Ventilation is necessary to transfer fresh air into the room. It is critical to keep rooms dry, especially in the rainy season or wet weather condition. Humidity is harmful to people’s health as well as furniture, which could cause severe loss of house holder. Therefore it is important to find the right balance between insulation and ventilation. CIVRO aluminium plate ventilation window, thermal break profile design with high level thermal insulation performance, offering the solution.



Aluminium plate ventilation window supports a variety of configurations, depending on the aesthetic requirements or the necessary air supply. The window’s opening width can be narrowed to 110mm according to your specific safety demand. Furthermore, window sash is possible applicable to offer double security guarantee.


Efficient segregation

Thanks for the top quality profile sealant and its innovative sealing technology and unique differential level drainage system, our window ventilates without any risk of rain infiltration or bugs entering your home. Besides of excellent sealing, multiple solutions are ready for you to choose depending on specific conditions and requirements, for example, you can have 2 aluminium plate ventilation windows on each side with a large fixed window in between, creating an astonished unlimited horizon.


Choose CIVRO, creating optimum living.