Company News

FBC (Fenestration BAU China) China 2019 is now opening in Shanghai from 5th to 8th November. To honour the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, CIVRO displays the brand new exhibition gallery and innovative products to world.


Artistic Exhibition Gallery


Since 2018, CIVRO has joined hands with the international well-known designing team CROX to present their artwork in Guangzhou IDF exhibition. Mr. C.R. Lin, the chief director of CROX, designed for CIVRO again this year, through the view of the architects' aspirations and CIVRO's brand philosophy and its product designing concepts, creating a novel gallery named“WOOD OF THE WHITE BOX”.


Adding wooden colour structure into the contemporary minimalist building, CIVRO's theme pavilions delivers a "home" feeling to visitors, which breaks the traditional exhibition way, brings a brand new image for the FBC.


Spatial Aesthetics


The enclosed exhibition gallery, created by the concept of architectural design, is divided neatly and lively, and has a consistent visual sense from insides and outsides.


From the entrance, visitors move into the dissected white box led by the huge wooden frame, then enter into the "L" shape corridor and finally arrive in the majestic exhibition hall. 3 different spaces reflect lobby, corridor and main hall, a completed artistic living space is showed.

Appeal Industrial Interest


CIVRO understands that windows & doors are the intermediary between human being and the outside nature. Because of that, we decide to display our windows & doors in a paralleled way. They look like a series of daily photos, which reset people's feeling to the inner and outer space, generate imagination and interaction of space conversion through windows & doors, and awaken people's love for life itself.

Technology Constructs Optimum Architectures


Contemporary architecture designing guided by Bauhaus theory requires comparatively high standard technology supports, and extends the design concepts even further.


CIVRO presents a number of new products for this exhibition:

New products with characteristics of narrower frame, bigger opening and various styles still meet the most rigorous CIVRO standards, delivering better performances in thermal insulation, windproof, waterproof & soundproof performances and wind load resistance.



▲“Minimal frames sliding door”, 24mm hooked stile and outstanding performances, illustrating the uniform of artistry and technology



▲German PHI certified “98 PHI window”, Uw value is 0.777W/㎡K, representing CIVRO's technical strength and our attitude to sustainable development

For more new products information, to be expected!