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On spot! CIVRO FBC2020 appeals to visitors at the first day, check out pioneering products

After 359 days since FBC2019, 29th of Oct, CIVRO appears again in the most important international exhibition event of the industry -- FENESTRATION BAU China 2020. Unique "book" shaped experience hall, windoors products that are equipped with industrial pioneering technology, forums for studying masters' wisdom, at CIVRO exhibition hall visitors could have an enjoyable tour.


China international exhibition centre (new), the third west hall, No.8 or No.9 gate, you never need to look around, CIVRO exhibition hall, it is like a shining book, attracting visitors' attention.


Combinations of three primary colours originated from BAUHAUS colour theory, together with simple and elegant geometric figures, they constitute those colourful“windows”for the pure white skins of the exhibition hall. People glimpse the CIVRO brand characteristics through them: minimalism, fashion, reunion of technology and artistry.


Smart aluminium panel door

Smart aluminium panel door, removing all unnecessary lines, hiding all external components, integrating the metal texture and intelligent techniques. The entire door is extremely clean and concise, giving people the purest usage experience.


Hinges are concealed inside the frame, the entire door is like a "full screen". “Sandwich” design concept -- a cavity composed of 2 original aluminium panels and filled by PU with excellent thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, offering a Uw value of 2.0W/(㎡K)and 37dB acoustic insulation. Automated locking point structure, modular locking system, ensuring the EU RC2 anti-burglary class. 


The door could be unlocked by smart key, handle touching & fingerprint. All of these smart unlocking modules are integrated in the C-Centre control centre. 


CIVRO-ORAMA Minimal frames sliding door

People have an innate sense of shock to big things. CIVRO-ORAMA minimal frames sliding door, a "big" new product.


24mm ultra-narrow hooked stile, just 1 more finger's width, it is strong enough to support 12㎡. Sleek lines split spaces naturally, making the view feels touchable.

Thanks for the 800Kg bearing load hardware (single vent), each vent could be as tall as 3m and reaches 4.5m height. The door moves on dual stainless steel rails with 2 double stainless steel rollers on each side of each vent. This results in a perfectly silent and smooth sliding system operation. Also available with electric motorisation. Multiple design ideas could be realised by using combination of various vents, corner-free solution, or mix of movable vent and fixed vent.


Breaking the conventional way, from the frames to the drainage system, we conceal them all. We think a bit more for children and elders, so that a design of barrier-free accessibility is available for the bottom rail. Adjustable base ensures the bottom rail kept horizontally; LITEC® material with high insulation and waterproof performance and a larger size of the track profile allows for large amount of water to drain before reaching the drainage system gaskets. 

CIVRO tailored sun-shading system

We display our tailored sun-shading system first time on CIVRO-ORAMA minimal frames sliding door. The system introduces a patented technique called“zipper”to ensure the fabric materials keep flat. This is especially critical to the corner-free solution and ultra-large or ultra-wide application. No need to mention, the system is supported by remote control. CIVRO's tailored sun-shading system has been tested in professional wind tunnels to withstand wind speed of 35m/s, which is equivalent to a level 12 typhoon.



New 73 lift sliding door

The Pritzker prize winner Jean Nouvel says:“the paradigm of modern architecture is simplicity and complexity: the more it seems simple, the more it’s complex.”

It is a great challenge to technology whenever we try to narrow the frame. We use SLIM tackle-block for the purpose of reducing the frame depth. The use of heavy V-shaped roller with more balanced force bearing fills the gap of Chinese system window and door enterprise in the application of lifting sliding door field. The Uw value reaches 1.8W/(㎡K)by using triple glazing. 40mm narrow hooked stile, concealed frames, invisible drainage system design, the entire door is as clean as only glass remained.



A good design should be highly compatible. The new 73 lift sliding door is compatible with specialised designed CIVRO ventilation window and embedded CIVRO integral guardrail.


CIVRO window with screen

What is the“black technology"? We take you have a look.

The screen itself uses PET high transparent gauze with 400 micrometers aperture so that it could keep out of all mosquitoes. Thanks for the Nafitec patented technology and photocatalyst self-cleaning technology, the screen is able to be self-cleaned or cleaned very easily. The testing data show that the air permeability reaches 100%, which means the screen has excellent ventilation effect. Due to the ability to scatter light through the mesh, the screen can even achieve a "hidden sash" effect, which is very suitable for wide field of vision. The window and its screen are designed as a whole so that the appearance is neat and unified. The pioneering technology brings better living experience.

CIVRO 98PHI certified window

Energy saving, environmental protection, sustainability, we are not only talk about it but also take actions. That is why we developed this PHI certified window with the Uw value of 0.777W/(m2 K). By the same time, CIVRO is committed to narrow 98 PHI certified window's frame depth to 98mm, whilst other similar products' frames in the market are at least 100mm. Narrower frame, same or even better thermal insulation performance, we demonstrate our technology strength via this 98 PHI certified window. 

CIVRO X65 tilt/turn window & ventilation window

Classic tilt/turn window, we bring it new power by applying electromotion. The ventilation window is 200mm fixed width with“BAUHAUS red”panel so that the side glass could be larger. Meanwhile, the air exchange is maintained. The outside colour of the panel is optional so as to add styles for building facades.

CIVRO, struggling for being brilliant building facades system solutions provider.  Designed for optimum living, begin living.