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A century of architectural history

Study it

It is full of wisdom of scholars of the past

Development, order, colour, artistry...

Find the index

We can see the secret of “eternity”

She is like a book, white and pure and full of interesting contents. The changeable title pages of this book impulse people to explore, discover, amaze and admire, never settle.



Spaces are extended by flowing lines, finally become the individual chapters of this book. Stylish and designable windows, they are the bookmark, they are the index, they let people who are reading this book can see more possibilities in the process of enjoying knowledge and exploration.



All about what you want and what will set the trend in the future, they are the treasure you will discover here.

In name of explorer

“Bigness is the ultimate architecture.” This is the key word of this index. We make a door covers 22㎡。Were it not for the barrier of time and space, it could have been greater. 24mm,2 fingers width, it is just right for the “bigness” support, so that the space is large and energetic.



“Touch this earth lightly.” Our lonely planet, deserves gentle care. In front of the energy consumption monster, we see the future and set the energy-saving starting line as 0.777W/(m2K).


“The most impressive element of architectural art is technique.” Nafitec patented technology + photocatalyst self-cleaning technology, 400 micrometers aperture imported PET gauze, it blends into the window. Ventilation, mosquito prevention, shading, technology changes life. Remove unnecessary lines, conceal external components, integrate intelligence, all in an entire aluminium panel, the products of the future made by technology are just around the corner.






In name of leader

At CIVRO, follow the glory of leaders, listen to the voices of think-tank, study the wisdow of masters. You imagine, we let it come true.


Only splendid architecture can bear the infinite beauty. Every time we try to subtract a line, the technical difficulty increases beyond imagination. A good design is the one with the ability to subtract.

All your imaginations of stars, seas and mountains, we will make them come true, never settle.



2020/10/29 - 11/1

@ W3 | 301

China International Exhibition Centre (New)

No.88 Yuxiang Rd, Shunyi District, Beijing, China

Be powerful, once again.