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Young, stylish, eclectic; with a clear attitude of CIVRO, in this special period, not talking about products or selling goods, only deliver the concept and build height, which has become a clear stream in many cloud conferences.

At 7 pm on 27th April , the 2020 [ i CIVRO] scheme new product (cloud) conference unveil the mystery in the exhibition hall of CIVRO headquarter. Starting from the current reality, standing at the height of the times, for the first time publicly interpreting CIVRO with different dimensions.


Tunnel shimmer, breaking through

Time never stops, change never stops. The effect of the epidemic has exacerbated the cruelty of reality, just like a deep and dark tunnel, which puts shackles on all people. The times, markets, and customers have quietly undergone amazing change, only by following the trend and taking advantage of it can we break through the shackles of "survival of the fittest".


Every highlight moment comes from CIVRO's deep thinking about the industry and itself. When the deception of "retaliatory consumption" still exists in the imagination of many people, when the aesthetic awakening of the times collides with the aesthetic rise of high-end users,when the consumption upgrade and psychological upgrading go hand in hand, with the system, create a different brand, guide the breakthrough of shackles.


▲Chairman Assistant of CIVRO Ms. Zhong

Online Cloud conference, Decrypt brand new DNA

The appearance of systematic doors and windows makes the old industry of doors and windows glow with new youth. In a short period of time, many brands are coming up, but the homogeneity of products, marketing and services is serious. Think in a systematic way, and look at it in a systematic way, creating a three-dimensional iCIVRO scheme,from product hardware to service software, temper the difference antidote, and practice the fascinating brand DNA.


New strength and core competitiveness

Solid products are the endogenous driving force for enterprise development. Production process innovation, product innovation, and supply chain system update are the actions CIVRO has made on "goods". The iteration of process and product is the basis of providing more solutions. The perfection and efficiency of supply chain are the key to long-term competition. When many brands have not realized the decisive role of the supply chain, CIVRO has already used a systematic thinking to measure the supply chain modules. Based on its own profile factory, relying on the German R&D center's supply chain material selection standard, CIVRO has taken a global perspective to build a vertical and vertical integrated supply chain system, providing a long-term and stable guarantee for more solutions at present and in the future.


Create a scene where the product can speak for itself. Excellent products require artistic display, the presentation of materials and faces can resonate with high-end users. The market has quietly evolved from "price performance ratio" to "price appearance ratio". Whether it is in Wuhan store or the CASA in Suzhou, CIVRO has always adhered to its own attitude to the scene. "One store, one design" is a clear expression of the brand's aesthetic. In CIVRO's experience stores around the world, we redefined the scene standards of the door and window industry, bringing customers a variety of different feelings.

▲CIVRO Experience Showroom in Suzhou

▲CIVRO Experience Showroom in Wuhan

If "good quality and low price" is omnipotent, there is no place for luxury goods in the world. The price war is long gone, and the value war is king. Higher brand premiums, stronger brand barriers, from reliableness  to trustworthiness,with the high standard experience planned by CIVRO marketing center, creating value for customers.

Insight into customers' expectations of the brand, crack the secret of communication. Form a reproducible talent relay mechanism and create terminal sales machines. In today's rare and valuable talent, it is necessary to summarize excellent work experience, forming a complete set of marketing tools, using tools to help marketing methods, using mechanisms to quickly and accurately implement talent execution, using complete logic to achieve a perfect plot, and everything can be happy ending .

What you see is more than what you see

Unknown, boundless; goal, hope; extreme, cold, the unknown possibility of X symbol makes people curious and full of imagination. In the name of X, CIVRO walks into the unknown field when encountering challenges and continues the ultimate performance. The NEW-X series fully covers the core products for the first time, which is attractive and interesting.

Through continuous research and development, CIVRO has formed a complete product system and a mature supply chain, which enables the product application to span several different climate zones and provide a one-stop overall solution. No matter its in the hot and humid coastal areas, or in the cold inland climate; no matter its in the mosquito-prone areas, or drought and wind and sand raging; no matter in the noisy cities, or in the elegant paradise, under the extreme geographical and climatic environment, CIVRO's complete product system can always provide excellent solutions.

The global integrated supply chain pursues the ultimate business format, and whoever occupies the commanding heights of the supply chain will be able to win vitality in the fierce market competition. CIVRO, which engraved this logic into the company's genes, makes great efforts to integrate domestic and oversea high-quality supply chain resources, and becoming the first and only partner of Greece company ORAMA in China with extremely narrow frame products. ORAMA's extremely narrow bezel products are minimalist, extremely narrow, extremely permeable and extremely powerful,which brings excellent use experience for consumers.

▲CIVRO-ORAMA Minimal Frame

Upward power,  set out on a new journey

All those good lifestyles that high-end customers yearn for are brand opportunities. From creating the individual expression of life to others, from meeting beauty to actively pursuing beauty, from the flow to the independent aesthetic, the rise of high-grade young generation brings not only the change of consumption trend, but also their unique life style, which stimulates the deep thinking of enterprises. In the post-epidemic era, To be a door and window practitioner with a sense of mission.


CIVRO, designed for optimum living, begin living.