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Beyond question, we are living in a world that changed by Bauhaus.

This year is the 100 anniversary of Bauhaus, which is also the 100 years journey of architecture modernisation. In the past 100 years, the world architecture has gone through a tortuous road. However, the Bauhaus ideology has a far-reaching influence and constantly changes people’s way of thinking and life attitude.


As the unique strategic partner of Guangzhou Design Week "China design dialogues with Bauhaus”master forum, CIVRO is following the footsteps of Bauhaus style architecture, inviting Bauhaus-Universität Weimar professors and designers to share their understanding of Bauhaus spirit as well as hosting the "I and my Bauhaus design" thought meeting.



▲"China design dialogues with Bauhaus" master forum


CIVRO & Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Strategic Parnership Awarding Ceremony

Contemporary windows are not only simply for lighting and ventilation. By using the innovative technology and new materials, CIVRO inherits the Bauhaus spirit and pursues the unification of technology and artistry.

Thus, with high respect for Bauhaus and in the name of paying tribute to Bauhaus 100 years, CIVRO constructs the Bauhaus theme pavilion to express our independent attitude and understanding of Bauhaus, fully displays "less is more" philosophy modern design, and delivers new strength into the modern architectural design of China.



“I and my Bauhaus design”Seminar

The Bauhaus is developing eclectically and encompasses a myriad of spatial levels. CIVRO is honoured to work with Bauhaus masters to deliver the modernist architectural civilization, perfectly integrating windows & doors into facades, and presenting an extremely stylish architectural experience.