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A perfect showing

A deep combination of technology and artistry

A hot pursuit of optimum living

To review FBC 2019

Focus on CIVRO again

And explain what is the strength

Display technology with artistry

The double sublimation of art and technology pushes CIVRO to a new high level in the exhibition. Artistry comes true because of architects' ideas, and a breakthrough is achieved because of engineers' thoughts. CIVRO brings a high-end systematic windoors & facades solutions feast for visitors through the creative architectural designed artistic gallery.


New products, new living proposal of“less is more" philosophy


Artistry follows life but exceeds life as well. CIVRO keeps an eye on future high-level building development, links designers' aspirations and integrates high-end humanity values, delivering our new living proposal with our brand new product series through our accountable technology.


Beauty outside, strength inside


The joined product "minimal frames sliding door", designed by CIVRO & ORAMA, is one of the highlights in the gallery. It has a 24mm minimal hooked stile and super large opening panels, becoming the bridge of life and nature. High-precision inner structure provides outstanding performances and functions, frame hidden into the wall design brings extremely minimalist aesthetics. What’s more, anti-pinch protection and smart home networking, bringing you a caring life.


▲Minimal frames sliding door

New generation“aluminium plate ventilation window”has a simple appearance with international fashionable colour, bringing a beautiful scenery to the architectural space. L shape combines large fixed glass with electrical inwards tilt window, offering more potentials for vision.




▲Aluminium plate ventilation window

As the derivative product of 140 series, "minimal frame fixed" provides more diversified product combinations and solutions. The narrower visible frame and larger glass provide better vision and transparency for the minimalist building and shape unique architectural artistic personality.



▲140 minimal frame fixed

Intelligence, for life

The charm of CIVRO new generation "casement door" is to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. 3m max height, elegant designing, comfortable usage experience, a full range of reliable smart opening way and housing systems, i.e. intelligent inductor, fingerprint, entrance guard card, providing higher living standard.


▲2nd generation casement door

Performance, for future


CIVRO cares about sustainable development. Innovative 98 PHI window, certified by German Passive House Institute, the Uw value reaches 0.777W/㎡K, showing our social responsibility to future.


▲98 PHI certified window

Variety, more potentials for building facades


Influenced by Bauhaus thoughts, contemporary building designing contains more individual style and aesthetics. CIVRO diversified systematic windoors design creates more excellent life experience for people, making new architectural concepts come true, just as Bauhaus advocates "form ever follows function".


▲Pivot window


▲90°Corner free folding sliding door


▲80 Turn/tile window


▲100 Windows with metal sash

State-of-the-art design concept

Excellent technical support

International aesthetic


Technology constructs optimum architectures